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At GJ Elgar, we are extensively experienced guttering experts. We can provide you with a range of gutter lining solutions, including high level guttering, at competitive prices.

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Gutter Services

Welcome to GJ Elgar.

Our team have more than three decades of experience, working within the construction field. We offer a range of different solutions, that support the industrial, commercial and agricultural industries. Our gutter lining service is offered throughout Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Kent as a whole. We have a dedicated team of individuals, whose expertise from years working in construction offers you the peace of mind that they will do the job well. We work to meticulous standards, offering exceptional client care from beginning to end.

How Does Our Process Work?

At GJ Elgar, we supply and fit custom gutter liner systems, which are created to perfectly fit the profile and length of your gutters, providing a perfect finish. The linings are built to meet the bespoke measurements of the profile and are constructed of UV repellant, hardwearing plastic. The gutter lining is made to be completely waterproof and is fully sealed when it has been fitted. If your gutter needs repairing, we have the right option for you!

The lining isn't bonded to the substrate, which means it can thermally move. This means that it is less likely to crack than some of the liquid based lining alternatives. It also means that there is far less maintenance as it is essentially like having a gutter inside your current gutter. We provide you with an outstanding finish on each and every project and ensure that we use both excellent equipment and materials. If you would like further guidance, get in contact today.

Approved Gutter Lining in Maidstone

Specialist Guttering Repair Services

At GJ Elgar, we are committed to providing our customers with excellent gutter services. Every element of our service is unparalleled, from our in-depth knowledge, to exceptional craftsmanship. We adhere to the appropriate regulations throughout our work, and take pride in being fully CE compliant and following the correct health and safety rules. We also take part in routine training, to make sure that we are always informed on the most up to date skills and know-how.

In every part of our service, we provide our clients with great customer service, and our incomparable industry awareness.

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All our customers are provided with reliable gutter solutions, with full support in every aspect of the service. If you would like further guidance on gutter lining in Maidstone, call us on 01233 623739 or complete the form at the top of this page.