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Gutter Lining Kent

Do you have leaking gutters and valleys?

G J Elgar can install bespoke gutter lining systems which are completely seamless and made to fit exactly within your existing gutter regardless of the profile or length. The drainage outlets are bespoke creased to the exact profile, are UV resistant and manufactured from incredibly strong flexible plastic. It is an effective, fully sealed and waterproof solution to a gutter that has corroded or has failed.

The system is not bonded to the exciting substrate, so it is free to move thermally which mean it is completely resistant to cracking and crazing, unlike its liquid competitors. As the system provides a gutter within a gutter it completely does away with any future maintenance of your existing set up.

G J Elgar was founded in 1989 and have been focussed on providing excellent service ever since. We value providing high-standard and customer-focused solutions. There is no charge for us to come to site, survey your existing arrangement and provide a written quotation. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements by using our form, or, by giving us a call on 01233 623739. We will be more than happy to help!