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If you are looking for experienced Gutter Lining specialists, look no further than GJ Elgar. We offer comprehensive gutter lining systems to provide a cost effective solution for your structure.

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Gutter Lining Specialists in Canterbury

Welcome to GJ Elgar.

With over 30 years experience in the construction industry we offer a wide range of services for the agricultural and industrial sectors. We offer professional gutter lining across Canterbury and the surrounding areas of Kent. Our team each hold a high level of experience working in the construction industry and we pride ourselves on offering cost effective rates. Our team will expertly support you throughout every project, offering an exceptional service from start to finish.

What is our Gutter Lining Process?

GJ Elgar offer tailor made gutter lining systems which are made to fit your gutter's profile and length and offer a seamless finish. Custom creased to meet the specifications of the profile, they are made out of UV resistant, durable plastic. Our guttering systems are entirely waterproof with a fully sealed installation. For any gutter that requires an effective repair, we have the ideal solution.

As the gutter lining isn't bonded to existing substrate, it allows it to move thermally. Compared to liquid based lining competitors, our system is fully resistant to cracking. This also rules out unnecessary maintenance to your current set-up as it is effectively a gutter within your existing gutter. Our teams deliver an exceptional finish for every project, we use quality materials and equipment. For more information please get in contact.

Approved Gutter Lining Company in Canterbury

Expert Gutter Repairs

At GJ Elgar, we are passionate about offering our clients an all round outstanding service. From our knowledge to level of workmanship. Our team work to required specifications and follow the latest rules and regulations throughout. We are proudly CE compliant and follow all health and safety guidelines. Our teams carry out regular training to ensure we are up to date on the latest information relating to our sector. This is an area we pride ourselves on.

Throughout every stage of our service we offer excellent customer care, our teams are expertly trained with incredible industry knowledge.

Why Should You Work With GJ Elgar?
  • More than three decades experience as specialists in our field
  • Customer focussed service
  • Fully certified & accredited
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We provide our clients with long lasting and effective gutter lining services, offering support throughout the process. If you would like to speak with a member of our team for more information, call us on 01233 623739 or fill in the form at the top of this page. We offer free quotes.