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What are the Advantages of Steel Framed Buildings?

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February 13, 2024
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G.J Elgar

Steel Frame Construction

When it comes to choosing the right material for your next commercial project you want to pick a material that offers quality whilst keeping to cost budgets. Steel-framed buildings are a popular choice for many construction projects due to their strength, durability and flexibility.

Steel frame construction is widely used across the commercial, industrial, agricultural and equestrian sectors. This includes:

  • Agricultural Buildings - Barns & Dairy Parlours
  • Garages
  • Large Industrial buildings, Warehouses & Factories
  • Lean-tos and extensions
  • Offices & Public Buildings
What are the Advantages of a Steel Framed Building?

5 Advantages of Steel Frame Buildings

1. Strength & Durability

Steel is known for its robustness and ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions, including high winds. Unlike traditional construction materials like wood or concrete, steel does not warp, shrink, or expand over time, ensuring long-term stability and durability of the building.

2. Design Flexibility

As steel frames can be fabricated to order in ranging lengths and dimensions, this offers ultimate design flexibility. The incredible strength-to-weight ratio of steel also enables the construction of open spaces and expansive floor plans without the need for extensive support columns or walls. Which, not only offer aesthetic benefits but also optimises on useable space.

3. Efficient Construction

Steel-framed buildings offer rapid assembly and erection, ensuring you not only meet your budget requirements but also timescales. The steel frame components will be manufactured off site offering improved precision, as well as speeding up construction times and reducing labour costs.

4. Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

Steel is 100% recyclable and can be reused indefinitely without compromising its quality or performance. The prefabrication process minimises material waste and reduces the environmental footprint typically associated with construction.

5. Fire Resistance

Steel offers superior safety and fire resistance. As it does not burn, warp, it mitigates the risk of fire incidents within a building and slows down the spread of flames if they occur. Steel frame buildings maintain their structural integrity even against long exposure to fire.

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Steel frame buildings offer advantages such as structural integrity, design flexibility, durability and sustainability. Making them a preferred choice for a wide range of construction project and creating resilient, efficient and aesthetically appealing structures.

At G J Elgar we have been supplying and constructing steel frame buildings for over 30 years. Our expert team work across Kent, Sussex and Surrey with a diverse range of clients. Every one of our custom-made structures is meticulously crafted to meet your specifications, utilising only first-rate materials, exceptional craftsmanship, while keeping costs competitive.

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